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First Sea Day

Sunday, 1 February 2015

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There was a strong wind when we woke this morning and many of the upper decks were closed. I attempted to walk some circuits but the closed decks precluded that. I did get a chance to photograph a sunrise when the sun broke through the clouds briefly. At 0700 there were only a few people in the Horizon Court and we enjoyed a quiet breakfast. Looking around the available seating we wondered how the place will cope when there is a 'port day' and most of the passengers will want to have an early breakfast.

The sea is showing some white-caps and combined with the wind is causing the ship to move about. I'm convinced that the motion overnight contributed to the best sleep in a long time. Despite that, I expect that it will take a few more nights like that to wash away the fatigue built up over the outward journey.

There was a busy day ahead with two 'Port Lectures', a Maritime Lecture and a presentation on Astronomy. Both the Maritime and Astronomy lecturers were very informative and entertaining and I'm looking forward to more sea days ahead.

Managed to fit in a quick lunch and by mid afternoon I had reverted to my usual cruise time habit of taking a nap. When I woke up I had only just enough time to write a part of this blog before it was time to prepare for dinner. I've no idea where all the time went and there are still a number of areas of the ship that remain unexplored.

Rereading the above made me smile, thinking of the often expressed sentiment by people who are not yet infected by the cruise bug. "Oh I couldn't go on a cruise, I'd be bored." How little they know.

Switched the TV to the 'ScanDisplay' channel, it shows that we're sailing in an almost Easterly direction just North of Cuba. We are sailing at just over 20 knots and there's a wind of 26 knots. The relative wind speed, the ship's speed and the wind speed combined, is reportedly around 45 knots. I'm not sure what the criteria for closing off exposed areas is set at but suspect that anything over 30 knots relative would be considered 'dangerous'.

Very nice dinner again with Donald and Mary. They are both in their late eighties and live in a community near Orlando. Mary says she no longer cooks, they eat out every other night and bring home the left-over from their meal. She says there are many different restaurants to choose from but two or three times a month they do Italian. Funny old dears.

After dinner joined a full-house crowd in the Theatre for the Bobby Brooks Wilson show. High energy singer with a great voice and loves "songs with words you can understand and sing along with". Can't help but share his view. After the show a quick visit to the Horizon on Deck 15 Aft for a coffee and some cake.

Clocks go forward an hour tonight.

Next update will be at sea East of Puerto Rico.
If you want to look at what I've been up to you can view my latest photo by following this link to the image for Today

Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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